We believe every piece of jewellery tells a story. Let us help craft yours.

Our design is personal

Our designs are always representative of our clients’ personalities – what they desire, what pleases their senses, who they believe they are and what they aspire to. 

Our Design Inspires

We believe that the right design speaks to a client – it’s our job to listen to their needs and come up with designs that inspire them.

Our Design Is Collaborative

We always encourage client collaboration whenever possible during the design process.


From our initial consultation to the moment you try on your one-of-a-kind piece for the first time, we’ll keep you involved in the design process.

Step 1: Consultation

In the first meeting we listen to your design needs, desires and overall vision. You may not necessarily know exactly what you’re looking for at this stage – but simply knowing what you don’t want can be a great starting point.

Step 2: Design Options

Once a clear design direction, budget and timeline is established, a second meeting is scheduled to present design options. Our designs are drawn to scale and are highly detailed so you’ll have a clear idea of what the finished product will look like.

Step 3: Production

Once a design is selected, it goes to production where it will be meticulously reviewed for quality assurance. Production time varies based on design. Should you have any questions about specific production timings please contact us for more information.


A jewellery makeover is one of our favourite design challenges! There’s a lot of jewellery sitting forgotten in jewellery boxes for a variety of reasons. These pieces can be re-imagined, re-designed and given new life.Makeover jewellery pieces often end up being new favourites for many of my clients because they get to transform something of sentimental value into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece they’ll enjoy wearing again and again.



This was a custom made engagement/wedding ring that had not worn well, with one of the shoulder stones badly chipped and the ring looking very dated with no sex appeal. It has lost it's lustre.


We utilized all of the usable stones and added a small round and single baguette diamond to create this clean, contemporary, and dynamic design that maximizes the look of the stones while creating a unique balance with a wow factor!



This was an engagement ring from the past with very good quality stones that the client wanted to re-invent so she could wear her diamonds again to reflect her new life.


She was open to change and too doing something bold and completely different and wanted her new ring to have nothing in common with her original setting. We created this beautiful modern and funky two-tone setting that was elegant and very wearable for her lifestyle.



This ring was inherited and was the engagement/wedding ring for the couple when they were first married and much younger. With a busy life and kids to take care of the client never felt comfortable wearing the ring day to day for fear of damaging it as it was a delicate setting. As a surprise her husband asked us to re-design it so she could enjoy wearing it.


We used all of the stones and created this simple modern setting in Platinum that maximized the look of the stones to make a beautiful, bold, and solid setting, so that the client could enjoy wearing the family jewels in a ring that she loved and felt comfortable wearing all of the time, and she loved it!


Jennifer Poon - is an award winning jewellery designer and custom design specialist creating original and unique pieces for her own collections and for her clients. She is also the original and biggest promoter of the Jewellery Makeover that re-designs and re-creates undesirable jewellery into new and exciting pieces.

Experience & Awards

Jennifer has been designing jewellery since 1984 after graduating as a goldsmith from the Alberta College of Art. Over the years she’s worked with top retailers and manufacturers in Canada, the US and Italy and is the recipient of three De Beers Diamond Design Awards.


Jennifer’s passion for beautiful design is apparent in every single piece she produces. She personally oversees the production of all jewellery and guarantees her clients the highest of quality standards.



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